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  • Professional analysis of newsroom organization and behaviour

    Structure, people, tasks and culture are the key elements in a modern media company. But, how well ist your editorial team doing? We can show you the strenghts and weaknesses of your organization by facts – and the way to improve both workflow and online integration even in a traditional media house

  • Improvement of journalists' mindset and skills in the digital age

    A modern journalist needs an entrepreneurial approach to his daily work, either as employee or freelancer. We show all the stuff and tools needed to meet the goals set by the company or on someone's own behalf. Save costs and get more productive, open your mind and face the challenges by your strengths!

Project Management, Key Notes, Workshops: Collaboration in Strategy and Digital Transformation

As a professional in both journalism and media management, including online marketing, Pit Gottschalk provides skills and services to digital publishing and change management processes in Germany and beyond. Based on an international network and the knowledge what content production, content distribution and monetization are all about he's an expert in launching, leading, and leveraging of high complex online products and projects in German and English language.

Insider book "The Heart of a Morning Paper beats online" (in English), by Pit Gottschalk: Our report on the measurement system on Online integration in newsrooms

What Others Say

  • "Looking at advertising, content, audiences, human resources, and trends, Pit Gottschalk delivers a meaningful context about what is really important and deserves a closer look at, always considering the needs of our peers in the news industry and contributing to the public discussions of INMA conferences worldwide." (Interational News Media Association)

  • "Pit Gottschalk is an expert for journalism start-ups." (Meedia.de Germany)


About me

Journalist. Media Entrepreneur. Change manager. I love news and digital publishing to improve both journalism and free society. As editor-in-chief at Axel Springer in Germany, I run Europe's largest sports magazine and got awards for excellence in journalism. As managing director of the CEO's newspaper office, I led and conducted the change management in digitization of workflow in newsrooms and journalists' collaboration, i.e. structure, people, tasks, and culture, by creating a measurement system published in a book called "The Heart of Morning Paper beats online". I'm passionate about coaching journalists and editors facing the digital challenges. I've founded a start-up called Mediapreneure GmbH to train them step by step to understand and use Internet tools for analyzing users' needs and behavior by data, providing answers and services, and monetizing. I do this in seminars, workshops, and webinars, for groups up to 24 people, and one-to-one. As board member of the International INMA board, I work with peers from all over the world. I deliver keynotes on conferences from Brazil to Sydney, support projects, i.e. in New Zealand and India, network with organizations like Wan/Ifra and BDZV. I advise several start-ups in Berlin and Hamburg.


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+49 40 468 58 409